Among its distinctive features, the dynamics, the ability to innovate and the creativity of each of its projects stand out, achieved by a motivated, experienced and highly skilled team that develops real estate through all its stages, from concept to the full management of projects, including construction and marketing.

José Luís Pinto Basto

Studied Management Computer Systems and attended a Post-graduation in Real Estate Management at INDEG.

Founder and CEO of the Group since 2002, José Luís is an entrepreneur with 12 years of experience as a manager of major real estate investments, with a broad view in identifying, negotiating and developing new business opportunities. His entrepreneurship led him to the creation of several companies.

Rui Tomé

Rui has a degree in Accounting and Administration, with a major in Financial Control, by ISCA, and a Master in Management by INDEG - ISCTE Business School.

Rui's main responsibilities include the accounting, controlling, treasury and tax functions as well as assistance in the implementation of strategies for the group companies. He joined The Edge Group in 2007.

Domingos Negreiro

Domingos has a degree in Civil Engineering by Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa and a degree in Environmental Engineering by Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

As Manager of the licensing area and responsible for projects in the commercial and office area, Domingos coordinates these projects through all the stages of the real estate promotion. He joined The Edge Group in 2006.

Henrique Rodrigues da Silva

Degree in Architecture and Master’s degree in Construction Management from the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa.

As the coordinator of real estate, he is responsible for the development and asset management areas.
He joined The Edge Group in 2015.

João Tinoco

Holds a Degree in Management by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and has attended a Renewable Energy management Program by the Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

His main responsibilities include financial monitoring of the companies owned by The Edge SGPS S.A. holding, analysis of new investment opportunities, as well as support in the implementation of strategies for each subsidiary.
In The Edge Group since 2015.

José Barbosa

José has a Law Degree and Postgraduate in Commercial Law by the Catholic University, and Postgraduate in Fiscal Management by ISCTE.

José gives legal support to all of the group companies and in all the projects developed at the holding. He joined The Edge Group in 2016.

Catarina Pinto Basto

Catarina has a degree in Human Resources Management by Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa

Besides Human Resources, Catarina is also Administrative Manager, being responsible for the company’s organization and logistics. She joined The Edge Group in 2004.

Daniel Lucas

High school.

Daniel performs routine tasks and also provides administrative assistance. He joined The Edge Group in 2013.

Andreia Ferreira

Andreia has a degree in Accounting and Administration and a Masters in Financial Institutions Accounting and Management by ISCAL.

Andreia is responsible for the group’s accountancy and management information. She joined The Edge Group in 2007.

Ana Martins

Ana has a degree in Business Management at Escola Superior de Gestão e Tenologia de Santarém.

Ana gives suppport to the Accountant Department. She joined The Edge Group in 2014

Joana Neves

Bachelor's and Master's degree in Environmental Engineering, by Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

In the Administrative Department, she gives direct support to the CEO and the Department of Real Estate. She joined The Edge Group in 2017.

Sara Pereira

Sara has a College Degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Social Policy from the Institute of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Lisbon (ISCSP – ULisboa).

As part of Administrative Department, she ensures direct support to all the head Departments. Sara joined The Edge Group in 2017.

Susana Martins

Professional Course of Administrative Assistant and Receptionist.

In the Finance Department, she provides administrative support to the Finance and Accounting Department. She joined The Edge Group in 2017.

Augusto Rodrigues

Graduate Specialization in Electrical Installations Maintenance.

Augusto is responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance of the existing facilities and equipment of all buildings owned or managed by the group, with the aim of ensuring a high level of comfort in the same. He joined The Edge Group in 2016.