We believe in a nation of boiling entrepreneurial talent. We believe in the inherent potential of Portuguese enterprises and entrepreneurs. We believe that, with adequate support, all obstacles to the development of Portuguese SMEs can be successfully overcome. We believe in a country with modern, innovative and global companies.

LEAP® was born of the desire to positively disrupt the development of Portuguese enterprises. LEAP® has the unique mission of helping Portuguese SMEs overcome the obstacles in their development path, giving them the necessary know-how, experience, analitical tools, network and capital to succeed.

The LEAP® concept is sustained by a value proposition for SMEs that is both innovative and unique in the Portuguese market:

» Integration in a single entity of a wide range of products and services that are critical to the development of businesses
» An innovative business model that minimizes the cost for entrepreneurs and business managers through a unique alignment of incentives with investors
» Intrinsic quality of the resident advisory team and of the service offering
» Strong national and international network that eases the development and internationalization for SMEs